Healthcode Registration

As well as the role of being the UK clearing house for medical invoices, we also power The Private Practice Register (The PPR) - the one-stop-shop to apply for insurer recognition and maintain practising privileges. In addition to those industry built solutions, our solutions are fully integrated so that your billing and practice management is accessible from one platform. We know it might be confusing or complex to know which service you require from Healthcode especially if you're new to private healthcare.  

To ensure you get the best out of Healthcode and that you are requesting the service you need, we will guide you through the registration process and direct you to the solution form that meets your requirements.



ePractice Basic

Basic billing capability.
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ePractice Lite

An entry-level integrated online financial toolkit that enables you to streamline and optimise your billing and collections process and tasks.
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ePractice Pro

Practice management toolkit that puts you in control of your practice operations from
one platform.
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Enables electronic invoicing from a Practice Management System that is compliant with Healthcode's electronic billing standards
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The Clearing Service 

Enables you to submit electronic bills to private medical insurers from your billing or practice management system.  Healthcode's Clearing Service provides an industry standard for electronic billing for the private healthcare market. All ePractice options are fully integrated with the Clearing Service and a list of third-party compliant software can be viewed here.  We have introduced a charge for the Clearing Service - Learn more


The Private Practice Register (The PPR)

The one-stop shop to maintain practising privileges and apply for insurer recognition.  The PPR  provides a central platform for you to apply for Private Medical Insurer (PMI) recognition (Aviva, AXA Health, Healix and VitalityHealth). The PPR is fully integrated with our ePractice toolkit, therefore if you are already recognised by those insurers and already have a Healthcode ePractice account, you can build your profile by selecting "PPR Profile" from your account menu.