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Clinical Coding

clinical codingBy 1st September 2016 private providers are legally required to submit Admitted Patient Care spells to the Information Organisation. These spells must be the same standard used by the NHS; ICD-10 diagnosis codes and OPCS 4.x procedure codes. Currently, the majority of private providers do not use these coding classifications and are more familiar with IDC-9 diagnosis codes and CCSD procedure codes used for Private Medical Insurer Billing purposes.

The timelines issued by the Order and maintaining two sets of coding classifications may prove challenging for some providers. Healthcare providers can benefit from Healthcode’s Clinical Coding Management Solutions to become CMA compliant both from a system and resource perspective.

Key Benefits

  • Become CMA compliant
  • Accurately codes spell submission
  • Enhances workflow management - bills can be submitted to PMIs without having to wait for coding processes to be completed
  • Minimises cost of meeting the Information Organisation's requirements by eliminating the need for additional coding expertise or technical changes

Healthcode offers various packages for the Clinical Coding Management Solution, depending on the provider requirements. There is the Standard Package, with additional bolt-on's coming soon.

For more information about the Clinical Coding Management Solution please contact the Business Development team on 01784 263 150 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.