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Verifying Patients’ Insurance Details – The Healthcode Shortcut

Insurers can only process your electronic invoices straight away if you provide the necessary patient and policy information, so it makes sense to obtain these details at the earliest opportunity.

However, it’s not uncommon for practitioners to be tied up for hours in frustrating telephone calls to patients, private hospitals and insurers to check that the information they’ve been given is correct or to complete missing details.

Our Membership Enquiry feature is a popular shortcut for practitioners with a subscription to ePractice Lite or ePractice Pro . It enables them to check the patient details they hold against the insurer’s membership database in a fraction of the time.

Membership Enquiry enhances cash flow because it helps ensure that submitted invoices include all the right information, reducing the risk of an invoice being held up in the system. As it’s encrypted, the service is a more secure way of checking confidential patient details than the time-consuming alternatives.

The service is currently available with the major insurers – Aviva, AXA Health, Bupa, Bupa Global (International), Cigna and VitalityHealth – and we’re working with the others to extend this service.

To use Membership Enquiry, just enter the patient’s details, select the insurer tab and then choose the relevant insurer from the drop-down list. Enter the patient’s registration number, scheme and renewal date if you have this information, but don’t worry if you don’t, and then click ‘save insurer’. At this point, the ‘Request Membership Enquiry’ button will turn blue and you start the process by clicking it.

When a match is found on the insurer database, the patient’s status appears on-screen. You can then use this data to populate your own patient database and/or update the insurer details, ready for invoicing.

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To find out more about this and other features in ePractice Lite and Pro contact our Business Development team.

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