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Have you tried…using ePractice to check the patient’s insurance status?

The problem: Practice staff spend hours on the phone to insurers verifying that our new patients have a valid policy. Is there a shortcut?

Healthcode’s reply: If you are an ePractice Lite or Pro user, you can use Healthcode’s Membership Enquiry feature to match patients’ details against the information held by their insurer*. This confirms if a patient is currently insured and ensures your practice has the correct details on its own system from the outset, without the need for multiple telephone calls.

Quick guide

  • Select a patient and click on the insurer tab.
  • Choose the relevant insurer from the drop-down list, enter any details you already have and save.
  • Click Request Membership Enquiry button when it turns blue.
  • The system runs a patient insurance registration check against the insurer’s database and prompts you to check for the result.
  • If a match is found, click Review & Update to display the details held by the insurer.
  • Use this information to update or correct your own patient database, ready for invoicing.

*Currently Aviva, AXA Health, Bupa, and VitalityHealth – we are working with other insurers to extend this service.

Discover More

Learn more about Membership Enquiry and other time-saving ePractice features by signing up for our free ePractice online tutorial Electronic billing & collection | Module 2 with the Healthcode Academy. This covers everything to do with billing, and the Academy’s team of Service Delivery Associates will guide you through, using your own data to make the training as relevant as possible.

If you’re interested in finding out more about ePractice Lite or Pro why not book a demo with our Business Development team.

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