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Your access to Appointments

Ready to get started? You’re almost there.

ePractice is going on a journey. We’re completely rewriting our practice management solution – step by step.

Appointments is first on the list and for the first time, you've got access. To get started all you need to do is subscribe to ICE, our online booking solution, which'll soon be integrated with Appointments.

It’s bursting with features – here’s some of what’s available to you.


That’s not all. We don’t want you to miss out – by upgrading your subscription to Lite or Pro, it’ll open the doors to so many more advanced features.

Unlock your diary by subscribing to ICE for FREE


What this means for you


ICE is the revolutionary Global Distribution System for the private healthcare sector. It’s the hidden engine room allowing anyone offering healthcare services to share them with anyone who wants to search for them.

By subscribing to ICE, you’ll get free access to manage your availability, set up your individual and recurring clinic/theatre sessions in ePractice. Once integrated you’ll be ready to publish them to ICE and receive real-time patient bookings directly into ePractice. We’ll keep you up to date.

Unlock your diary by subscribing to ICE for FREE