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VEDA | Hospitals – Membership Enquiry


Membership Enquiry

For hospitals who have a subscription to one of the Financial Management Solutions this is a quick and easy way to check the membership details of your patients. See Membership Enquiry for more information on this service.

Getting started

Click the Records & Reporting tab, then Membership Enquiry. This section can also be accessed from the Quick Links menu on the Status page. If you want to keep Membership Enquiry open in a separate window while you’re logged in, simply click the blue square Menq button at the bottom of the menu bar on the right-hand side of the page.

The Membership Enquiry Status page is divided into three sections:

  • Requests – the main section on the left-hand side of the screen that lists the enquiries requested today; all requests are cleared each evening
  • Details and New – the main section on the right-hand side of the screen
  • Filter Outstanding Requests – to quickly search for required requests if there are a lot on the page

Request a new enquiry

  • Click the New tab on the right-hand side
  • Choose the Insurer from the drop-down menu
  • Complete the mandatory fields as a minimum – these will be in bold and will depend on the insurer’s requirements
    • Family Name
    • First Initial
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender
    • Postcode
    • Subscriber Ref (= membership number)
    • Group Number
    • For Policy Active On – choose the date of treatment
  • Click Submit
  • The submitted request will be displayed on the Requests screen

Enquiry request status response

All requests will initially show the status of Awaiting Response. You can either leave this to generate in the background or click on the refresh icon on the far right of the screen. When an enquiry has received a response, the status will be updated to one of the following:

  • 1 Match
  • No Match
  • Multiple Matches

Viewing details

Highlight the required response – the details will appear in the Details pane on the right-hand side of the screen. For No Match and Multiple Matches responses there will be a message to give you further guidance.

For 1 Match responses you’ll see the basic details. Clicking on View Details will expand the screen and give you all the information available from the insurer. Items, such as the membership number, can be copied and pasted into your system.

To go back to the main page click the green arrow icon on the far right of the screen.

Want more support?

Have a look at our short video that takes you through the process.

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