Coding Toolkit

Features and Descriptions



Dual coding currency

(e.g. ICD-9 & ICD-10 and CCSD & OPCS 4 x)                                                                                                                                                 

Dual coding currency capability enables providers to view diagnosis and procedure code(s) on original submission to Healthcode and clinically code them according to the CMA standards (ICD-10 and OPCS4 x) prior to validation and output to the IO.

Coding workflow management

Allows providers to manage the clinical coding process. The coding status is displayed throughout the process using a traffic light indicator. E.g. from 'awaiting coding' to 'coded approved'.

Coding workflow management provides the flexibility to customise categories and group spells by category.               

 Clinical coding toolkit integration

Male anterior highlight body part

The clinical coding toolkit is integrated with dual coding currency. It enables providers to interact with and process the code classifications used across the UK's private and public healthcare sectors. 

It is a look-up facility by description or body part and translates between the different sets of clinical codes, enabling codes to be accurately recorded on the spell screen. This is particularly helpful for staff who do not have coding skills or are familiar with only one set of codes.      

Clinical coding data export

clinical benchmarking pie 200


Reporting functionality enables providers to output the coded spells back into their internal Patient Administration Systems.

Helps manage internal process integration and management.