Case Example - Care Management

The first secure file sharing and storage solution for private healthcare

Care Management

Care Management ensures patients have access to high quality treatment and care which is safe, effective and appropriate to their needs. Medical insurers employ large numbers of “Care Management” teams to work closely with hospitals and physicians to ensure treatment delivered is evidence-based for optimal outcomes.

The challenge

As part of Care Management, hospitals and physicians must submit medical reports for:

  • “long stay” hospital admissions (+10 days); or admissions which exceed their expected length of stay;
  • admissions which may require post-surgical step-by-step down care;
  • major medical admissions; or
  • certain agreed surgical procedures.

These reports include confidential patient information so it is essential they are sent to insurers by secure means.

The solution

healthDrive enables hospitals to eradicate inefficiencies and minimize costs in the Care Management process. 

  • allows essential patient and medical data to be shared easily, quickly and securely.
  • enhances communication between insurers and providers.
  • ensures decisions are made quickly in the best interests of patients.