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Common Core Features


patient managementPatient Management

In addition to providing the standard database to manage and hold your patient information, unique to Healthcode is online membership verification.  Membership verification will allow you to confirm a patient's insurance and demographic details quickly and securly ensuring the information you hold against an insured paitent is correct and accurate.

online medical billingElectronic Billing

As the UK's official medical bills clearing company, Healthcode's ePratice system incorporates electronic billing to all major insurers for your insured patients allowing you to have both paper and electronic bills under one roof.

clinical codingCoding Tools

We offer built-in diagnosis and procedure code look-up tools to assist with your billing. As part of our role as the official medical bills clearing organisation, we define, develop and maintain coding standards and classifications which form the foundation of electronic billing. Our integral role in maintaining coding standards and classifications ensures our systems have the most up to date charge codes for clinical and non-clinical services. This guarantees our customers can accurately bill and subsequently receive timely payment for the service provided.

consultants medsecs pmMulti-practice site

Our ePractice system is designed for single and multi-practice sites with security and patient confidentiality in mind. Beyond the web-based platform, and principles behind our architecture, the system allows medical secretaries to access a range of consultant ‘sites’ from a single view and to log-on simultaneously with the consultant who will only have access to his/her own site – and not those of other consultants within the same group.

credit controlCredit Control

Credit control is a vital part of running any business – and especially any new business with limited cash resources. Gain total control over your finances with an effective credit control and debt management facility. Monitor the progress of patient bills and manage individual and bulk payments.


Take control of your business with real time information at your fingertips using invoicing and payment reports. Within ePractice manager benefit from debt analysis, banking, reconciliation, financial summaries and appointment reports which are available for analysis and manipulation purposes.

tabletePractice App

The free App allows you to access your ePractice system in real time. As well as viewing appointments, the first release includes submitting electronic bills to insurers, viewing account balances, and accessing patient information. The App offers the same high levels of security as our online service.

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