ePractice Comparison

Healthcode offers three different levels of Practice Management within the ePractice system

ePractice biller is an entry-level service which enables you to create, validate and submit invoices. However, subscribing to ePractice biller Plus or ePractice manager, gives you access to a host of additional practice management tools to help your business succeed.

If you would like further information on how the subscription services can benefit your business, please call 0330 900 4900. See below feature comparison table: 


  ePractice billerePractice biller PlusePractice manager
Complementary ePractice Tablet App* •  •  • 
Patient management   
Patient database Limited Includes patient flags and identifiers Includes patient flags and identifiers
Contact Book
Membership Enquiry  
Notes and alerts  
Patient billing   
Electronic invoicing
Paper invoicing
Built-in diagnosis and procedure code look up
Invoice auto-population (pre-populated invoices)  
Invoice receipt  
Patient appointment Scheduling   
Manage schedules    
Clinic sessions    
Appointment reports    
Patient correspondence   
Payment reminder letters  
Payment shortfall letters  
Appointment letters    
Custom letters    
Word Processing    
Patient accounting   
Guideline pricing (consultant fee calculation)  
Payment tracking  
Bulk payments  
Debt reallocation  
Credit Control  
Invoice and payment data export
Debt Analysis    

* Only available for single specialists