Medical billing

medical billingUnique to Healthcode is our market position and unrivalled knowledge of the private healthcare sector.

Our central role within the industry has enabled us to develop solutions allowing key stakeholders to maximise operational efficiency. The privilege of being in this central position not only ensures we stay ahead of the game but more importantly, it enables us to discuss and advise our customers of any fundamental changes within the industry. This means you can better plan and prepare your business. 


Healthcode underpins your business


As part of our role as the official market clearing organisation, we define, develop and maintain coding standards and classifications which form the foundation of billing.

We recognise it is not enough to just define the standards; codes have to be deployed correctly to be effective and useful.

Our integral role in maintaining coding standards and classifications ensures our systems have the most up to date charge codes for clinical and non-clinical services. This guarantees our customers can accurately bill and subsequently receive timely payment for the services provided.