Adopting electronic billing can increase business efficiency

Save time, money and boost your cash flow

  • Increase productivity

    Create and submit bills online in a fraction of the time it takes to print and post.

  • Faster payment and healthier cash flow

    Healthcode validates submitted e-bills according to insurer rules so they are ready for processing and payment.

  • Improve data accuracy

    Eliminate manual data entry errors, reduce the risk and costs of disputes with automation.

  • Save money

    Remove printing, postage costs and reduce manpower requirements through automation.

  • Secure

    Healthcode encrypts bills to online banking standards to protect financial and patient data.

  • Reassuring

    Monitor the status of submitted bills, from validation to receipt by the insurer. Billing electronically means that you'll never receive a request for more information or hear of a lost invoice from insurers.

  • Client Support

    Customer Services available to assist with any technical questions.



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