Already Have a Practice Management System?

If you already have a practice management system, you can still submit e-bills through Healthcode by signing up to VEDA

Billing Standards

If you use a compliant practice software you will be able to benefit from the efficiencies our Clearing Service provides as this is fully integrated with VEDA.

  • Compatible with most practice management software

    Electronic invoices can be submitted for invoice validation from a compliant practice software without re-keying information.

  • What do I need to do?

    Sign up to our Clearing Service if you have a practice management system that is compliant with Healthcode's billing standards.

  • Compatible systems:

    Bluespier, Carebit, ClinicOffice, DGL Practice Manager, e-Clinic 2, Freddie Med, Freehand Clinic Manager, Heydoc, Jellyzone, Lumeon, Meddbase, MidexPRO, MediOffice, Medesk, My Therapy Assistant, Pabau, PPM, PPS By Rushcliff, Preori MyPractice, Medical MarineSpecpack, TM3, VersaSuite, WriteUpp.

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