Medical e-billing and payment tracking system - Healthcode ePractice biller Plus [2BAAP]

Electronic Billing - The preferred billing method to insurers

  • Patient Billing
    • Invoice auto-population1
    • Invoice receipts
    • Statements
  • Patient managment
    • Advanced patent database2
    • Membership enquiry
  • Patient accounting
    • Payment tracking
    • Allocation of bulk payments
    • Reallocation of debt
    • Fee Calculation
  • Reminders + Shortfalls
    • Payment reminder letters
    • Payment shortfall letters
  • Reporting
    • Invoice
    • Payment
  • Save time and money with easy online access from anywhere


  • Single solution enables online billing to 8 insurers 
  • Simple payment tracking system to improve cash flow
  • Encrypted to online banking standards
  • Free customer support

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"ePractice biller Plus has knocked hours off my administration with faster settlements and clear tracking of bills"

Dr Adrian Draper, Consultant Physician


*Pre-populated invoices with patient demographic, episode and diagnosis details (where applicable). This feature is enabled where the hospital has submitted the patient bill e.g. admissions bill to the insurer.