Shortfall Collection Service

Simplify the collection of insurer patient shortfalls

Healthcode and patientzone have created a solution to automate the manual process of identifying and collecting insurer patient shortfalls

  • Increased cash flow

    Patients receive quicker notification of shortfalls thereby encouraging swift payment.

  • Industry Standard Shortfall Codes (ISSCs)

    Healthcode’s classification of codes and associated descriptions enable the integrated mapping of multiple insurer shortfall messages from electronic remittances to a single set of codes.

  • Easy identification of patient shortfalls

    Incoming remittances go through additional processing to determine whether a shortfall exists and, if so, whether it contains a patient liability.


To find out more about how this service can radically change how you work please contact our Business Development team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Secure online payment options

    Patients can pay by credit or debit card via patientzone's secure portal.

  • Enables efficiency and reduces manual tasks

    Frees up admin staff from the manual processes relating to shortfall notifications.

  • Distribution of shortfall notifications with reminders

    patientzone will email, text or send an invoice and collection letter to the patient. Up to three reminders can be scheduled at intervals determined by the facility.