Introduction of Industry Standard Codes (ISC) for Diagnostic Tests

Published: Friday, 20 September 2013 10:13

ccsdCCSD is pleased to launch the new classification for Diagnostic Tests to be applied across the Independent Sector. The ISC Schedule has been developed as an industry-wide initiative driven by CCSD following a request by the ABI and its members for a more transparent and standardised mechanism for the coding and reimbursement of diagnostic tests.

The launch of the ISC Schedule is timely and consistent with the recently published Provisional Findings from the Competition Commission’s Investigation into the Private Healthcare Market[1]. It will help further to drive transparency, consistency and comparability across the sector.

The new schedule is largely based on NHS codes to ensure comparability with the public sector, creating the most current, relevant and comprehensive classification of such services available today.

The first release of the schedule will cover the following specialty chapters:

  • Audiology;
  • Cardiac;
  • Ophthalmology;
  • Respiratory;
  • Pathology; and
  • Miscellaneous diagnostics.

A second release of the schedule planned for the end of year will expand the code set to cover Radiology. The ISC codes are to be used for charges relating to diagnostic tests delivered by the provider and are not to be used as CCSD procedure codes.

A draft Schedule of the first release was subject to consultation with key stakeholders in June 2013. The first release of the ISC Schedule reflects the comprehensive feedback and review from the consultation process.

Any questions around the development of the codes should be sent to CCSD.

While insurers and providers alike are welcome to adopt this new classification in its current format, CCSD recognises that most organisations across the sector will seek to preserve their existing charge codes and as such have appointed Healthcode to manage the implementation in a way that optimises up-take while minimising operational disruption for those organisations. Healthcode will map all charge codes (both insurers and providers) to the new ISC codes which will allow them to continue to use their existing charge codes.

All members of the CCSD Group are committed to working with providers to align their contracts in the long term to this new industry standard. The implementation of the ISC codes for contracting will depend on individual insurer and provider agreements. Any queries relating to the implementation of codes for contracting purposes should be directed at the relevant insurer.

Once the ISC Schedule is launched, new diagnostic code requests or amendments can be raised via the CCSD website. These will be reviewed and approved through the same process as for the procedure codes, ensuring the ISC schedule is therefore continuously developed and maintained to meet industry needs.

Healthcode will ensure the mapping is kept up to date for reimbursement purposes and therefore any queries regarding the mapping or charging of codes via Healthcode should be directed to Healthcode or the relevant insurer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Further Questions not addressed above should be directed as follows:

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[1] Private Healthcare Market Investigation: Provisional Findings – The Competition Commission August 2013