Healthcode sets the standards for medical billing

Published: Wednesday, 01 October 2014 13:42

New industry billing guidelines have been developed to help independent practitioners get their invoices right first time and avoid unnecessary payment delays. The free guide has been produced by Healthcode, the official medical bill clearing company for private healthcare in the UK and is endorsed by all the main Private Medical Insurers (PMIs), including Aviva, AXA PPP healthcare, Bupa, PruHealth and Simplyhealth.

The Industry’s guide to private medical billing is an invaluable tool for practices who want to make their billing process as professional and efficient as possible. It sets out the information that should be included on invoices to self-pay patients and PMIs so that the payer has sufficient information about what they have been charged and why. This helps practitioners meet their ethical duty to be open in their financial and commercial dealings and ensures patients have a positive experience following an episode of care. In addition, the growing number of providers that have made the transition to electronic billing can generate invoices which satisfy the PMI’s criteria so they are paid as soon as possible, maximising their cash flow.

Healthcode Managing Director, Peter Connor commented: “The number of electronic invoices from healthcare providers that Healthcode clears has increased by 25% year-on-year in the last two years, proving that this is fast-becoming universal practice in the sector. When done properly, electronic billing is undoubtedly more efficient for practices but mistakes cost precious time to resolve and have a knock-on effect on the practice business so we have worked with PMIs to find a simple solution.”

Starting from the basics such as provider recognition and payment instructions, to more detailed information about the patient and the treatment provided, practitioners and their administrative staff now have access to an annotated step-by-step guide to completing an invoice. They can also download the two

Alex Perry, director of health and benefits management, Bupa, said: "Electronic billing is quicker, better for the environment, safe and secure.  As one of the UK's trusted providers of secure online billing to the private healthcare market, Healthcode has used its expertise to develop a guide that will help providers ensure they supply all the information we need to process their bills smoothly and that they are paid quickly.

Independent practitioners can view the guide by visiting Healthcode’s website at: