Healthcode Help Independent Practices Comply with New Data Protection Law

Published: Friday, 01 June 2018 10:00

Healthcode, the experts in IT systems for the private healthcare sector have launched a practical Toolkit that will help independent practices meet their obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into effect on 25 May 2018.

Data Code ImageProduced in partnership with specialist corporate and technology lawyers, Healthcode’s GDPR Toolkit is a cost-effective and comprehensive resource for independent practices using the ePractice system. Specifically designed to support independent healthcare providers who are unsure how the stricter new data protection laws apply to them and their patients, the Toolkit encompasses a guide to the practicalities, as well as a number of templates and tools which can be easily implemented within their own practice. These include:

  • A Template Privacy Policy – this template will guide practitioners on the essential information to include in their privacy policy under GDPR.
  • Subject Access Request Procedure – guidance on best practice with dealing with a subject access request.
  • Subject Access Request Register – to document subject access requests from patients.
  • Information Asset Register – to record what data is held by the practitioner and where it can be accessed.
  • Subject Access Export  – this tool enables ePractice users to extract information held on a patient, such as notes, alerts and correspondence, so they can respond to a subject access request quickly and easily.

According to a Healthcode survey of specialists carried out in December 20171, 63% of respondents (just over 200) had not begun to assess the implications of the GDPR for their practice and some had not heard that more stringent data protection laws were coming into force in 2018. Almost 200 were unsure where to turn for information but there was positive feedback on the proposed content of the Toolkit, particularly practical examples of what the GDPR means for individual practitioners and policy and procedure templates.

Healthcode’s Managing Director, Peter Connor said: “IT Security has always been central to the billing and data services that Healthcode provides so we were concerned to find that many independent practices were unprepared for the GDPR, particularly in view of the more severe financial penalties for failures to comply.

Working with legal experts, we developed The GDPR Toolkit to make it easier for them to meet their legal obligations, including updating their Privacy Notices and responding to Subject Access Requests. We are confident that the Toolkit will provide the practical support and guidance that practitioners need for a new chapter in data protection.”

1 Examining independent practitioners’ awareness of the GDPR, Healthcode, 2018.
In December 2017, the survey was sent to 5,000 ePractice users and there was a 7% response rate. The full survey report can be accessed at 

Further information
Since 20 May 2018, Healthcode ePractice customers have been able to purchase the GDPR Toolkit when they log onto their account. The Toolkit costs £149.99 for a single specialist and £374.99 for a practice (excluding VAT).