Healthcode Gives ePractice a Bright New Look

Independent consultants who have streamlined their practice administration and billing with Healthcode’s ePractice

Published: Wednesday, 30 November 2016 09:57

Healthcodes new ePractice managerIndependent consultants who have streamlined their practice administration and billing with Healthcode’s ePractice, can now experience a brand new version of the online practice management solution which is even easier to use in the office and on the move.

As the experts in online technology for the private health sector, Healthcode has refreshed all three elements of their ePractice suite – ePractice biller, ePractice biller Plus and ePractice manager – to improve the navigation, search functions and overall intuitiveness. The new-release supports a wide range of web browsers so users can now log onto ePractice using Chrome, Firefox and Safari, as well as Internet Explorer. It is also compatible with insurer and hospital systems which lays the foundation for Healthcode’s next generation of services.

At the same time, Healthcode has enhanced the functionality of their ePractice App so that users can carry out essential practice management tasks securely while away from the practice, including adding and updating patient details; sending e-bills to insurance companies; viewing outstanding balances and upcoming appointments; and looking up clinical codes. What’s more, the latest version of the App for iPad has been developed in native iOS so controls and navigation has a familiar user interface for Apple users.

Healthcode Managing Director, Peter Connor said: “Since we launched ePractice in 2008, it has offered consultants quick, secure access to the management tools they need to run an efficient operation, from patient management and appointment scheduling to electronic billing and financial reporting. The fact that the number of specialists using ePractice has increased by more than 60% since 2012 shows this functionality is still proving its worth for our customers. But Healthcode will never rest on our laurels.

“After extensive research we have completely redesigned the look and feel of the system to enhance the experience for our customers, without compromising on speed or data security. For example, we have redesigned the accounting page so it is quicker and easier to manage transactions and to allocate payments from insurers that cover several invoices. Features such as the quick menu enable users to switch to another function from anywhere in the system, while a quick search function allows users to look up patients, invoices or available appointment slots and apply filters to the results. Overall, it means consultants can speed through routine admin tasks and devote more time to their patients.

“Another factor that gives ePractice the edge is that it can be integrated with the systems used throughout the private health sector. Healthcode has always used our technology to connect practitioners, PMIs and private hospitals, from our membership enquiry and e-billing services, to coding tools and secure messaging. The new ePractice paves the way for innovative new Healthcode services, such as automatic payment reconciliation, which will help transform the business of independent practice.”

The enhanced version of Healthcode’s ePractice suite is now available for all Healthcode users. Help, advice and support is available free of charge from Healthcode’s Customer Service team and users can watch a range of ‘how-to’ videos when they have logged onto the system.