Healthcode and VitalityHealth Enhance e-Billing Process

Published: Thursday, 31 March 2016 12:57

Insurers abstractIndependent practitioners and hospitals will now find it even quicker and easier to submit e-bills for patients with a VitalityHealth policy after the insurer invested in Healthcode’s Membership Enquiry and enhanced bill validation services. Healthcode offer a range of online billing, clinical coding and practice management solutions for the private healthcare sector, as well as being the UK’s official clearing company for electronic bills.

Providers can now use the secure online Membership Enquiry service to instantly confirm that a patient is a member of a valid VitalityHealth scheme and request their policy details, a check that could previously take up to 24 hours. This is complemented by Healthcode’s Enhanced Clearing service which adds a layer of intelligence to the validation process, ensuring that only bills for positively identified VitalityHealth members are submitted to the insurer. Any typographical anomalies between the details recorded by the provider and those stored by VitalityHealth will be automatically amended.

The new services will increase the first time pass rate for VitalityHealth invoices and ensure submitted bills are accurate, eliminating the queries which can delay payment.

Ryan Murray, Head of Hospital Services at VitalityHealth said: “These Healthcode services are a great investment for us because they benefit providers and patients, our two most important stakeholders. By improving the billing submission process, our providers will reduce administration time and expedite payment processing. At the same time, the membership enquiry service means patients, consultants or the hospital provider can be instantly reassured the patient has an active VitalityHealth policy in force”

Healthcode’s Managing Director, Peter Connor added: “I’m confident that VitalityHealth will see a rapid return on this investment. When invoices are submitted with the incorrect membership number or patient address details, it is frustrating for all concerned and can also be upsetting for patients who need clarity about their treatment funding. Healthcode process around £3bn worth of invoices each year and our expertise has enabled us to develop more sophisticated automated checks that make the e-billing process even more efficient and cost-effective for everyone.”