New ePractice features give you greater control and flexibility

Published: Wednesday, 17 October 2018 08:00

Healthcode ePractice

One of the many benefits of using Healthcode’s online practice management solution is that there is no need to endure the disruption of software updates. You can take advantage of all the new features and functionality in ePractice from the moment you log on.

This is important because Healthcode is constantly looking for ways to improve ePractice for our customers in response to their feedback, to reflect advances in technology and to help your practice meet new business challenges.

The latest enhancements to ePractice will help you manage your data and will make the billing process more straightforward and efficient. In particular, subscribers to ePractice biller Plus and ePractice manager will have access to Healthcode’s new Pricing Matrix, an easy way to manage price-setting and be sure of charging the correct fee. This will soon be rolled out to all ePractice users.

Here is a complete list of the new features released to date:

 FeatureDescription and Benefit
Pricing Matrix                                                                                              Includes standard insurer prices for procedural and non-procedural services and enables you to record where your own prices vary and set fees for different types of payor such as self-pay patients, hospitals or embassies. Save time when invoicing ensuring you bill the correct fees. When raising an invoice, you simply select the relevant details for the payor and service and the system will insert the correct fee.
Future Appointments Invoice in advance for appointments, rather than wait until the appointment has ‘completed’ status on the system. Increases your practice efficiency and ensure you don't miss a payment. 
Patient Details  Providing you with more flexibility; add multiple insurers to a patient’s record. The current insurer is displayed but you have the option to select a previous insurer when creating an invoice. Retain a history of insurers linked to a patient for record keeping.
Invoice Auto-Population Sort invoice auto-population columns in ascending or descending order on Patient Name, Hospital and Treatment Date. See the information in a user friendly way that will benefit your practice. 
Payment Tracking A more detailed payment tracking screen which includes service item information for each invoice. Provides you with a clearer view of what the cost is associated to at first glance. 
Patient List An enhanced patient search facility allows you to enter a second search term so you can quickly find the correct patient.
PDF Filename The document reference for paper invoices will now include the invoice number for ease of reference. This will make it quick to find and refer back to if needed.


If you would like to know any more about these enhancements or have any queries about ePractice, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01784 263 150