A landmark for independent practice

Published: Wednesday, 17 October 2018 08:30

Private Practice RegisterIndependent healthcare represents high-quality care, choice and convenience but the sector is at a crossroads.

We are facing some significant tests: from achieving the level of transparency demanded by the Competition and Markets Authority to showing we have learned the lessons of the Paterson case. To meet these challenges, we need to work together to streamline cumbersome working practices; develop better lines of communication and demonstrably improve the accuracy of the information we hold.

The Private Practice Register (The PPR) is key to our success. With more than 10,000 practitioners now signed up and around 500 new profiles being added each month, The PPR is fast-becoming the definitive source of reliable data about independent practitioners, specialties and scope of practice. And the technology connects the different parts of the independent heath sector – practitioners, PMIs and hospitals – so we can all work more effectively.

Registering with the PPR supports your independent practice in a number of ways:

  • A fast-track to PMI recognition, eliminating much of the paperwork and duplication involved in establishing a private practice. Instead of completing multiple applications which asked the same questions, you need only complete a single online form which covers all the necessary information and select the PMIs with whom you want to register.
  • Control over your profile so you can ensure that all the essential information about your practice is accurate and accessible in one place. In addition to biographical information, qualifications and professional registration, hospitals, procedures and practice hours, you can upload further information which highlights your clinical expertise, such as published papers.
  • Access to Healthcode’s electronic billing, secure messaging services and coding tools to help you work more efficiently.
  • Full integration with Healthcode’s ePractice solution which means you have the convenience of managing your profile and practice from one online location.
  • Data protection – your information is stored in secure UK data centres and the system is encrypted comparative to online banking standards

Now Healthcode is launching the next stage of the project which will see The PPR being piloted and rolled out to private hospitals. Hospitals will gain from having a clearer picture of their consultant population but there are practical advantages for independent practices too. For example, the detailed information on a PPR profile will support you in maintaining your hospital practising privileges and in future it will also be possible to apply to hospitals through the system. You remain in control of your profile which will only be visible to hospitals where you have practising privileges. 

The extension of The PPR to hospitals is a game-changer for the independent healthcare sector. As a truly sector-wide solution, The PPR brings us together, giving us all the technology and tools to support informed decision-making; a secure online platform for efficient transactions; and a platform for further innovations such as centralised appointment booking which will increase your accessibility to patients.