e-newsletter - Jun/Jul 2008

Published: Tuesday, 22 March 2011 10:03


  • Electronic billing made easier for specialists
  • New Customer Services
  • New Product Manager


Electronic billing made easier for Specialists

From the comments and feedback we have received from our customers, we know that many specialists and medical secretaries have been discouraged from using electronic billing because of the level of information required by insurers. Healthcode is pleased to announce that these requirements have been relaxed and that electronic billing will, as a result, become a much easier process.

The move follows lobbying of insurers by Healthcode to bring in line the information required on an electronic bill with the information required for traditional paper bills. The mandatory requirement for many items of information, for example when a patient first became aware of their symptoms or when a patient visited their GP, has now been dropped.

Alongside these changes Healthcode has simplified the data entry screen on ePractice biller. The new, improved screen will save you time and further enhances the benefits to you and your practice of electronic billing. The new screens will be available from Sunday, 29th June.

The changes on the screen are very simple and should be self-explanatory. If you need further guidance there are some notes on the Settings Help and Assistance screen for ePractice biller users. Account Managers will be in touch with hospital providers in due course.

We are confident that the difficulties some of you may have experienced in the past have now been removed. If you would like to re-activate your account so that you can benefit from these improvements we would be delighted to welcome you back. Please contact our Customer Services team or your account manager for further information.

New Customer Services

We have renamed the Helpdesk team to Customer Services to reflect and bring in line the services we offer our Customers. This is more consistent with the nature of the role we undertake. Our Customer Service Team members are:

· Jess Donelan

· Lauren Molesworth

· Ravinder Brar

· Robyn Watts


New Product Manager

Nicky Kingsmill is promoted to Product Manager. She is responsible for driving the focus in improving our applications to better suit your needs. A user group panel is currently being formed to ensure any improvements and new developments made, meet your requirements. If you would like to participate in the user group panel, please email Nicky Kingsmill at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The team can be contacted by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 01784 263 150.

The Customer Service team is lead by Susan Laney who joins us from Standard Life Healthcare where she managed some of their larger Customer Services Teams. She is responsible for delivering Customer Service Excellence and ensuring we meet your expectations.


June 2008