Bill Clearing

The Clearing Service - Healthcode’s online medical bills clearing system

Circa. 7m invoices cleared annually

The Clearing Service facilitates the automation of claims management - increases speed and efficiency.

  • Reduces manual processing of medical bills

    The Clearing Service automates the manual repetitive task of checking invoices.  All bills submitted are validated against the funder's business rules to ensure the invoice contains the necessary information for payment.

  • Saves time and cost

    Automating the checking of invoices is not only quicker but significantly reduces operational cost.

  • Enable prompt payment

    Reduce the time to process invoices and settle queries.

  • Members' information is protected

    Healthcode’s systems are secured in accordance with internet banking conventions and all information is hosted in a secure data centre located in the UK.

  • End-to-End automation

    Simplify and streamline processes for you and the provider.