The Private Practice Register

The PPR is the official path to private practice

A central point of reference and information source

Industry-wide solution facilitating integration, transparency and collaboration.  An online central point of reference and information source that:


  • For practitioners

  • Complete one recognition application form for multiple insurers, saving duplication of effort.
  • Reduced waiting time for verification checks.
  • A smooth transition into the private healthcare sector.
  • Build and maintain practice capabilities and practice rights.
  • Market your services and expertise in your practice profile.
  • Designed for new and existing private practitioners.


  • For insurers

  • Streamline the recognition process.
  • Eliminate the paperwork and duplication involved in recognising practitioners.
  • Receive alerts and fitness to practise warnings.
  • Access to the most current data for recognised providers.
  • For hospitals

  • In a future phase, the PPR will also streamline the practising privileges process by providing hospitals with a central source of information about practitioner practice capabilities and rights. 


  • For patient safety

  • Transparency of practitioner capabilities and administration rights.
  • Enables healthcare professionals and organisations to make informed decisions.


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