Healthcode provides right answers for Nuada Group

Published: Monday, 18 July 2016 11:12

Rebecca Deering Healthcode Case StudyWhen Nuada Group established a billing service for independent consultants, they wanted a system that was intuitive, efficient and cost-effective. ePractice biller Plus met this brief by enabling Nuada to verify patient details quickly online and streamline the billing process.

Established in 2010, Nuada Group is a clinician-owned provider based in two locations in the Harley Street area of London. Initially specialising in 3T MRI imaging, the group has developed several specialist divisions, including Nuada Urology and Nuada Gynaecology, and now offers day case treatments as well as outpatient diagnostic services.

As well as serving patients, the Group has started a medical billing service for a number of independent specialists who practice at its facilities. This currently generates around 200 invoices per month.

“Nuada uses Healthcode’s online clearing system for our own insurer billing so we already knew the benefits of e-billing in terms of ease-of-use, efficiency and minimising our postage costs.” explains Credit and Revenue Manager, Rebecca Deering. “When we established our billing service, we felt an e-billing capability was essential and at the same time, we wanted to keep the process separate from the rest of the business and be able to track the invoices to ensure our specialist clients were paid.”

With experience of Healthcode’s expertise in the electronic billing, Nuada subscribed to ePractice biller Plus, a secure, online patient management, billing and payment tracking system which enables users to store patient information, generate e-bills and record payments.

One factor which particularly influenced this decision was Healthcode’s Membership Enquiry feature. This enables Nuada to confirm patients’ insurance policy numbers and address details against the relevant insurer database.

According to Rebecca, this has been a labour-saving revelation: “Manual information checks could tie up administrative staff in calls for two or three hours a week but online verification is so much quicker. It also ensures submitted bills include the correct information and can be processed for payment by insurers straight away. And this in turn helps us provide fast and efficient service for our consultant clients.”

Rebecca concludes: “I would absolutely recommend Healthcode to other practices. We have been impressed with the system which is easy to operate, works well and the reporting functions are good so my colleagues can obtain useful feedback about the services that have been charged for and what has been paid. Finally, our contact in customer services has been fantastic from the start in responding to any queries.”