Consultant anaesthetist converts colleagues to ebilling

Published: Monday, 07 September 2015 09:33

Gordon KulemekaConsultant anaesthetist, Dr G Kulemeka, has converted his colleagues to online electronic billing using Healthcode’s ‘amazing’ ePractice biller Plus system. 

Dr Kulemeka is in no doubt about the most efficient way to manage the billing process in his private anaesthetic practice. Having used Healthcode’s ePractice biller for nearly 10 years, the consultant believes e-billing saves vast amounts of time and gives him the certainty that his invoice has reached its intended recipient.

Based in Shropshire, Dr Kulemeka launched his private practice in 2006 at Nuffield Health’s Shrewsbury Hospital, alongside his NHS work.

He recalls: “I read about Healthcode’s e-billing service soon after I started my private practice and I have never considered anything else. At that time BUPA was the only PMI that accepted electronic invoices but I could see this was the future because it was so much quicker and hassle-free compared with paper billing. Now e-billing is so widely accepted that my heart sinks on the few occasions that I have to print out a bill, find a stamp and take it to the post box!”

Dr Kulemeka is particularly impressed by the instant reassurance that each electronic bill has been submitted successfully because Healthcode’s system validates invoices as they are submitted to ensure they include all the information required by the PMI and are ready for payment. He explains: “It’s amazing what can go wrong when you create a bill – from a change in the procedure code to getting a digit wrong in the patient’s insurance number – but when I submit bills electronically I know they have been validated and even that they have been received by the PMI so I have a green light to chase payment. If I send a paper invoice, I can’t have that confidence.”

In the last year, Dr Kulemeka has upgraded to Healthcode’s ePractice biller Plus service after seeing it demonstrated at a conference. He says it immediately appealed because its unique invoice auto-population feature would allow him to create and submit invoices to PMIs in a fraction of the time, using details already held on the system. This is possible thanks to Healthcode's secure integration and relationships with insurer and hospital operators.

As an anaesthetist (a non-controlling specialist), Dr Kulemeka simply has to search for a patient on the Healthcode system and a pre-populated invoice appears on screen with all the information the insurer requires for an electronic bill, including patient information and episode details.

He reports: “It’s amazing, with auto-population, I simply wait until my hospital has submitted its bill and then I only need to type three lines: the patient’s surname, date, and my fee. There is no messing around – it only takes about five seconds for each invoice.”

Dr Kulemeka has been so impressed with Healthcode that he has spread the word among his colleagues, who have practising privileges at the same two main hospitals. He says: “I have recommended Healthcode to colleagues and arranged for a demonstration so they could see it for themselves. Now they are all on board!”