Boost to cash flow with medical billing software - ePractice biller

Published: Tuesday, 19 April 2011 16:07

For registered osteopath Piers Spencer, an improvement in cash flow is just one of the many benefits ePractice biller has brought to his practice.  For three years, Mr Spencer has been using ePractice biller, Healthcode's electronic billing service, to invoice his clients with private medical insurance.  He says: "I now complete half of my invoicing via Healthcode and hope I'll be able to increase the number of bills I can send electronically in the future."

Initially Mr Spencer was attracted by the idea of his invoices transferring immediately to the insurance company, instead of having to rely on the postal system.  He had also been told that invoices sent electronically would be paid sooner than paper bills and soon discovered for himself the boost to his cash flow.

He has also found that ePractice biller helps him to reduce the number of mistakes made during invoicing because the system automatically checks the information and highlights any errors.

Another feature he finds particularly useful is that the system stores all patient information.  He explains: "I like not having to re-input my patients' details each time I send a bill.  Since ePractice biller is a web based service I can invoice from any computer, knowing that all my records are stored automatically."

With the support provided by Healthcode's customer services team, Mr Spencer quickly found his way around the ePractice biller system.  He says: "The helpline is answered promptly and the advisers are very good at explaining anything that I don't understand about the system."

"Like many new systems it takes a few sessions to get up to speed.  But it's certainly been worth the effort and in the long run has definitely saved me both time and money."