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Healthcode and VitalityHealth Enhance e-Billing Process

Insurers abstractIndependent practitioners and hospitals will now find it even quicker and easier to submit e-bills for patients with a VitalityHealth policy after the insurer invested in Healthcode’s Membership Enquiry and enhanced bill validation services. Healthcode offer a range of online billing, clinical coding and practice management solutions for the private healthcare sector, as well as being the UK’s official clearing company for electronic bills.

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Healthcode helps Insurers and Providers speak the same language

Insurers abstract

A new and more detailed industry-wide classification system for pathology services and charges will ensure greater financial and activity transparency across the private healthcare sector says Healthcode, the specialists in online billing and clinical coding solutions for hospitals and independent practitioners.

Already  deployed to over half of private hospitals, as well as a major health insurer, Healthcode has  introduced over 400 pathology codes which reflect more accurately the  exact nature of the clinical investigation provided, from haematology to immunology. The company expects its pathology classification to be rolled out across the entire sector and has already begun similar projects for radiology, drug and prosthetic services.

Healthcode’s Managing Director Peter Connor stated: “We are delighted to be leading this initiative which provides an enhanced level of information about  services and charges.

“The project demonstrates the private healthcare sector’s increasing willingness to deliver services in a standard and transparent manner and is timely given that the Competition Commission is investigating the private healthcare market, including the limited standardised information available to help patients and GPs compare and measure services. The deployment of an industry-wide classification should also provide huge efficiency benefits to private providers and insurers by ensuring they are talking the same language.

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