Service Packages

Healthcode's service packages provide more support by helping you to maintain higher levels of administrative efficiency within a dynamic private healthcare sector.

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Below are key services available within the packages we offer:

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Electronic Remittances

An insurer will issue an electronic remittance advice in response to a bill. Subject to software vendor integration, the information can then be downloaded for automatic account reconciliation or to view and print.

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Membership Verification

Healthcode’s Membership Verification service allows healthcare providers to confirm a patient’s insurance details online. Using Healthcode’s secure, encrypted network, providers can validate a patient’s insurance and demographic details quickly and securely, eliminating long, time-consuming phone calls to insurers.

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Secure Messaging

All private healthcare professionals have a duty to ensure that patient information is stored and transmitted securely. Standard, unencrypted email should never be used to transmit confidential information; neither should this information be transmitted by fax.

Healthcode's secure instant messaging service, which uses encryption to internet banking standards, allows the efficient transmission of confidential information between key healthcare professionals.

clinical coding

Clinical Coding

With Healthcode’s Clinical Coding Toolkit, providers such as private hospitals and NHS Private Patient Units treating NHS patients have the ability to determine HRG tariffs in order to accurately prepare NHS submissions to Secondary Uses Service (SUS) in support of Payment by Results (PbR) tariff and Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) contracted obligations.

Healthcode’s Clinical Coding Toolkit offers a broad range of benefits to healthcare providers, including clinicians and administrative staff, to support healthcare professionals in their administrative and reporting duties. It also enables a clinical coder to work with the independent sector code-sets which they’re familiar with, allowing them to translate codes to NHS standards. View key features