Why Healthcode?


Take Direct Control and ‘code for Success...


ribbon... by leading the way and setting new standards

Be a part of the UK’s biggest private practice management team and get access to a wealth of information on technologies and latest thinking for setting new standards of care.

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... through your back-office support team

We understand that you need support beyond just getting started and that sometimes you like to speak to a person. Our dedicated and professional Customer Services team offer friendly first line help, advice and support for system queries. We also have a team of second and third line technical staff that supports the system and infrastructure, including full data back-up and disaster recovery processes.

Allow the experts to take the hassle out of running the systems you need to manage your business. Healthcode is always at your side, with a team of experts dedicated to caring for you.

heart-stepho... through care

We may be IT experts, but we understand that we operate in a caring environment and that means putting you, the consultant and his/her team first. Whether it is site navigation or direct assistance with the system to manage your business - we are there to help. That is the reason why Healthcode support all the major private hospitals in the UK and are the professional’s choice.

We know that your time is precious and cannot be wasted on minor administrative issues. So Healthcode staff thrive on helping you to run a smooth operation. No matter what your concern, try calling us.

patient management... through your patients

Healthcode care for you so that you can care for your patients. It is a simple philosophy, however often easier said than done. The nature of the latest technology and tools assist rather than divert. The old problems such as patients waiting at a desk for your computers to work or lost files have been solved. Indeed, patients are now impressed by practices that use the latest management systems. Good management speaks for itself.

Your patients will be delighted by the associated latest web-enabled features provided by your practice, and the good news will spread.

credit control... and manage expansion

Healthcode and mobile technology heralds a new era of practice management. Consultants are seeing that the new levels of flexibility are changing traditional modes of practice as it makes life so much easier.

With the safe knowledge that you are using the professional’s choice combined with the latest cloud-based, secure technology you have the potential for expansion on your terms, and without the normal costs. Whilst taking direct control. It’s the new way of business.

innovation... by combining innovation with evidence-based management systems

We are all aware that just because something is new it is not necessarily the better. Medicine has countless tales of the need for having an evidence-base. With thousands of users, Healthcode have the 'power' to try and test all new technologies and measure the outcome rapidly. There is a clear need to embrace new technologies where the benefits are obvious; however, none of our systems go ‘live’ until thoroughly tested. We know that you cannot be too careful with your patient information with regard to patient confidentiality. In addition, you must have resilience to cover any unforeseen events.

Embrace the technology – it’s there for your benefit and grow.

consultants medsecs pm...Leaders in IT Solutions for Private Healthcare

Healthcode only operates in the medical setting, which means that we understand the challenges of combining medical practice with business. Paradoxically, it is this very focus and commitment, which makes consultants so good at their jobs, that is also the Achilles heel. The ideal is to combine activities where appropriate, in order to remove duplication of work and achieve full integration of processes.

To a large extent the latest real time, online practice management systems have replaced the old manual retrospective methods.

The new web-based accounts and marketing systems, with their back-office support teams, can now do the financial management for you at a fraction of the cost. Critically, these systems mean that you are intrinsically ‘in control’, with your finger on the pulse.

Web-based ePractice manger, can arrange everything from booking, multi-clinic diary management, patient policy checks and online billing through to tracking payment. Further, the more recent mobile developments mean that you can be in complete control of your business from wherever you are.

Our commitment to future enhancements is on-going, with development work being done continuously to ensure we are meeting the needs of our customers.