Practice management

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Client management and financial control is the lifeblood of any enterprise. The latest Healthcode online management tools give you the control you need, wherever you are.


By streamlining the core financial management tasks, Healthcode’s ePractice management system provides you with the information you need to take direct control... the 'code for Success...

  • Take Direct Control
    Access your patient details, appointments, bills and financial status from anywhere, any time.
  • Protect Your Practice
    Healthcode systems are encrypted to the same standards as online banking.
  • Long Term Partner
    Ensuring that you have the right tools and support to grow your business and improve cash flow.


See what the professionals say...


earnest-barlow-keasrley-93x90"The diary management feature on ePractice manager means I can focus on treating my patients, while my PA is able to co-ordinate my appointments remotely across the three practice locations. Healthcode's ePractice manager has provided the e-billing facility I needed at the right price. I would recommend Healthcode and ePractice manager to any independent practitioner".
Ernest Barlow-Kearsley,
Founder, Total Footcare Solutions

catherine goodsell
"I'm delighted to say that we have never looked back. The system is really intuitive which has made it quick and easy to learn and yet it provides all the functionality we need. Most importantly, our consultants tell us it is working well for them too. it is so much quicker to send bills to insurers electronically using ePractice manager and we can be confident that the validated invoice has been received and can be processed straight away".

Catherine Goodsell,
PA to the Hospital Director, Spire Sussex Hospital

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