ePractice manager

Additional functionality available on ePractice manager:

patient managementPatient management

ePractice manager's patient database also includes patient flags, identifiers, notes and alerts. Easily mark deceased patients and enter notes and warning alerts against patient records.

calendarPatient appointments

Whether you have a single clinic or multiple clinics, ePractice manager appointments module is designed for individuals and group practices to easily manage and track appointments.

Patient-corresspondencePatient correspondence

As well as providing you with built-in letter templates, ePractice manager has the flexibility to enable you to build your own letter templates.

credit controlCredit Control

Take control of your practice and ensure you are paid for the services you provide using ePractice manager’s credit control facility with built-in task management

reportingFinancial accounting

ePractice manager comes with a host of financial reports enabling you access to real time information at your fingertips to make key and smart decisions about your practice.