ePractice biller Plus

patient managementPatient management

Patient database and online patient insurance membership verification facility to ensure the insurance details you hold against your patient is accurate and correct.

online medical billingPatient billing

Paper and electronic bills all in one system for ease of billing administration and management. The system has built-in diagnosis, procedure and charge codes to facilitate the accuracy of billing. Speed up your billing process with invoice auto-population, this feature presents you with a pre-populated invoice with patient details; all you need to do is confirm the service provided and the fee.

credit controlDebt management

Generate payment reminder letters based on the aged debt band to ensure your practice has a healthy cash flow. The system will prompt you of any shortfall payments made, giving you the option to reallocate the debt. For example, reallocate debt from insurer to patient to help you effectively manage your debt.

Patient-accountingPatient accounting

Save time for the long term and create your schedule of charges on an insurer-by-insurer basis. Guideline Pricing requires a once-only set up. Fees are then calculated automatically each time you create an invoice. Record and track payments to improve the practice's debt and credit control.

reportingInvoice and Payment reporting

Take control of your business with real time information readily at your fingertips using invoicing and payment reports.