Medical billing

Invoicing organisations

Download Healthcode's free medical invoice template to bill organisations. Use this billing template if you have carried out work for a private medical insurer who does not accept electronic bills. The template is an extract from The Industry's Guide to Billing,, guidelines to encourage medical professionals to bill using a common standard.

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Download this template - Download with guidance

Invoice template for paying organisations - please see download version below If you are recognised by the insurer, you will be issued with a provider number.  Otherwise enter your professional number (GMC/HPC) This is the number issued to the patient by the insurer The pre-authorisation code obtained by you or the patient from the insurer Should indicate when treatment was carried out. The admission and discharge dates are required for inpatient care Description of the service carried out and procedure information if the treatment was procedural.  Procedure codes can be found on the CCSD website or the respective insurer website. Whether the care is delivered as an inpatient, outpatient, day case, or consulting room.

Download this template - Download with guidance