Medical billing


improve cash flow 93x90You benefit from improved cash flow

A growing number of private practices wanting a higher level of financial performance are now turning to electronic billing to improve their cash flow. In the UK, the use of medical billing software has dramatically improved the cash flow of almost every private hospital and a growing number of private practices and clinics.

As the electronic bills clearer for the UK, Healthcode has been delivering robust electronic billing solutions to the private healthcare community for 10 years.

reduce admin time and costs 93x90Increase your operational efficiency

Electronic invoicing is a powerful billing solution that allows you to remotely access and send invoices to healthcare insurers. The Healthcode system even does all the checks for you, should a crucial piece of information be missing from the invoice you will be alerted immediately to allow you to correct and resubmit the invoice.

With the potential for human error removed, invoices are delivered with all the relevant information that insurers need. By automating the process your staff will have more time to dedicate to other business duties.

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As the preferred method of billing to leading private healthcare insurers our systems are configured to ensure all mandatory information is present in an invoice to make it easier for insurers to pay bills quicker.

stock-photo-14852469-paid-invoiceReduce returned invoices

Billing electronically means that you'll never receive a request for more information or hear of a lost invoice from insurers. Our unique medical billing software validates all bills according to the insurers' rules before they are sent. This ensures bills contain the correct information for electronic processing; resulting in faster payment to you.

stock-photo-23980877-cyber-security-concept-with-lockSecure systems tailor made for the private healthcare market

Encoded in accordance with internet banking conventions, Healthcode’s systems securely transmit your invoices to private healthcare insurers. Confidentiality is a central part of what we do; that is why our systems are housed in a secure location and only accessible via encrypted network connections.

online practice managementHealthcode are the experts in secure web based invoicing

Increase your operational efficiency by delivering bills to insurers quickly and securely in a format that is cost efficient, saves you time and eliminates the risk of data breach. Our systems give you:

  • Secure data transfer eliminating the risk of data breach
  • Saved time by not having to file documents
  • Data that is backed up and stored securely

We understand how important it is to know that the bill is with the insurer. Our billing system provides an indicator showing the status of the bill from validated to collected by insurer.