Healthcode's White Papers

The path to the adoption of ICD-10 diagnosis coding for the independent sector

The private health sector needs high-quality and credible diagnostic information if is to produce meaningful performance statistics for patients.

Peter Connor explains why independent providers must therefore adopt the respected and widely used ICD-10 diagnostic coding standard which allows treatment outcomes data to be risk-adjusted to account for patient morbidity. He then assesses the technical and organisational challenges which lie ahead.

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A comparison of CCSD and OPCS procedure classifications and an assessment of mapping challenges

The Competition and Markets Authority remedies present independent health providers with a clinical coding challenge: continue using CCSD procedure codes for billing PMIs and adopt OPCS codes for submitting treatment episode data to the new Information Organisation (IO).

Peter Connor and clinical coding expert, Frances Murphy highlight the significant differences between these two coding standards and explain how code mapping technology can be used to convert codes from one system into another.

Download the full white paper report here.