Insurer solutions

Enhanced clearing

Healthcode have designed and deliver a number of Enhanced Clearing services to leading insurance companies to improve and optimise operational efficiency. The enhanced clearing services we offer include:

  • Invalid Procedure Code Combinations: This service enables insurers to control the acceptance of procedure codes that are deemed as invalid combinations on a private medical bill.
  • Member Database Validation: Healthcode's member database validation service adds a layer of intelligence to the electronic billing validation process and delivers benefits to the insurer by increasing the first time pass-rate success, reducing potential suspense time for bill processing.
  • Pre-Authorisation Tier 1: This service enables the insurer to make available a facility for healthcare providers to submit online requests to confirm a patient's membership details.
  • Tariff Based Validation: This service allows the insurer to load their contracted fee schedules into the Healthcode database for Healthcode to then validate invoices against the contract price. Invoice charges that exceed that contracted price will be rejected as part of the invoice clearing process.

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