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Clinical Coding Toolkit

Healthcode's Clinical Coding Toolkit provides a secure online facility to look-up and translate between different sets of clincal codes utilised in the Healthcare market subject to licensing restrictions.clinical coding

The Clinical Coding Toolkit offers a broad range of benefits to healthcare insurers operating internationally and supports administration and reporting tasks. Insurers can now translate different sets of clinical codes used for entitlement, eligibility and billing to a common standard. The tool is particularly useful for mapping ICD9 diagnosis codes to ICD10 codes and vice versa. This reduced the reliance for an expert in clinical coding. It also enables an individual to translate the treatment code recognised cross-border to the code set they're familiar with. 


What are the benefits?

  • Insurers operating internationally can transact using a common set of treatment codes recognised across borders
  • Speeds up processing of medical claims received from cross-borders
  • Deliver more accurate eligibility and entitlement approval
  • Common reference for codes to provide better clinical governance
  • Consistant application of member cover policy


How do I use the toolkit?

Insurers abstractThe main deliverable of the service is to create a platform of common codes that are used cross-border for organisations operating internationally. You can take advantage of accurately performing entitlement and eligibility checks and bill to a common standard. The toolkit also enables you to maintain consistent use of codes across the different territories in which your members are treated.


Key features

  • Accurately look-up diagnosis and procedure codes using latest version of classification
  • Check the quality and accuracy of codes on claims and medical records
  • Translation between code sets


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