Healthcode - Private healthcare solutions

hc-iconHealthcode is the UK's official medical bill clearing company for private healthcare. Since 2001, we have devlivered encrypted online systems to healthcare professionals and businesses, we currently process over £3bn worth of medical invoices annually, as well as clinical records for virtually every private patient in the UK.

Today, we provide an extensive range of specialised IT solutions and systems for the private healthcare market which:

  • Help streamline administrative processes; 
  • Connect healthcare organisations and
  • Add value

Whether you require a practice management system, online billing, secure messaging or clinical coding tools, Healthcode can help you increase business efficiency and lower your costs.

Our secure technology, user-friendly technology and outstanding customer service make Healthcode the natural choice for most of the UK's private hospitalsinsurers, and a growing number of independent specialists and medical secretaries

At the same time, Healthcode has constantly used our expertise and knowledge to develop an interoperable system which connect businesses across the private healthcare sector. Whether it's electronic booking, secure information sharing or Private Practice Register, we want to take the lead when it comes to the innovative application of technology in the private healthcare sector.

Healthcode is jointly owned by Aviva, AXA PPP Healthcare, Bupa, Nuffield Health and VitalityHealth. Our constant aim is to adopt a pioneering approach to healthcare IT services by using our expertise and knowledge, inventing and delivering interoperable system to connect healthcare businesses and reduce administrative processes and increase the efficiency of your business.