About Healthcode

connectionsHealthcode are a leading provider of IT services for the private healthcare sector focusing on industry solutions. Healthcode’s expertise and industry knowledge helps independent specialists, private hospitals and insurers improve their operational efficiencies.

Our solutions include the clearing of medical invoices, electronic billing, practice management systems, insurer member database hosting, secure messaging and clinical coding tools.

Our mission is to remain recognized as the experts in online solutions. We believe all key stakeholders in the industry will benefit by developing and enhancing common standards to connect organisations enabling collaborative programmes where business, clinical and commercial information can be securely exchanged.

Our vision is to be the knowledge source and most trusted independent expert to deliver interoperable online solutions and define industry standards for private healthcare.

Working for healthcode

See inside Healthcode; view our podcast to gain further understanding about the company, plus meet some of the team.

Peter connor AHIO ITN Video Healthcode shares its vision to the information road map and what it means for patients in the Independent Healthcare Focus programme produced by AIHO in association with ITN Productions. The full programme can be viewed at AIHO TV.